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Both DIA PhD students and PhD students supervised by DIA and linked to other Departments must abide by general PhD regulations. They must also comply with DIA rules and guidelines.

Information on PhD courses, general information and regulations can be found at: (info on University of Trieste PhDs) (PhD regulations) (Establishment of double-PhD programmes)

Services linked to research activities: (Study and research trip regulations)

DIA regulations:


Resources of the Department

DIA supports PhD students offering its services and resources (laboratories, libraries, instruments and machines). Both DIA PhD students and PhD students supervised by DIA and linked to other Departments can benefit from DIA services and resources.


Conference rooms

Conference rooms are located inside DIA buildings. The rooms are equipped with devices suitable for conference calls. The rooms can also be booked for PhD students’ meetings. Get in touch with to book a conference room.


Library services and resources (SBA, Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo)

PhD students benefit from all the services offered by the libraries of the University of Trieste (loans, enquiries, bibliographic research, support,…) thanks to the Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo (SBA). The most relevant libraries for DIA PhD students are Biblioteca Tecnico Scientifica (located in Trieste – Piazzale Europa) and Biblioteca della sede di Gorizia.


Research funds

As of second year, each PhD student is entitled to a research-related fund, amounting to 10% of the student’s scholarship. The fund can only be used to cover expenses related to the student’s research project (trips, registrations fees to seminars, meetings and conferences, official publications, purchase of research tools and instruments). Membership fees cannot be reimbursed. Reimbursement can cover open access publication fees (see: PAYMENT OF MEMBERSHIP FEES). The research-related fund is also granted to PhD students who do not have a scholarship.








Study and research trips

PhD students can join seminars, meetings and conferences organized by other institutions (not Università degli Studi di Trieste) in Italy and abroad (not in the municipality in which the student is attending the PhD course). In this case, PhD students are entitled to a study and research trip, which needs to be approved by the supervisor and the Head of the Department at least 15 days before the student’s departure.



PhDs funded by ESF

PhD students funded by ESF scholarships are kindly invited to read the following information regarding the allocation of research funds (10% of the scholarship as of second year), which differs from the allocation of funds regulated by the Regolamento Missioni di Ateneo and the Regolamenti sul Dottorato di Ricerca (Decreto n° 5723/LAVFORU del 03/08/2016, Fondo sociale europeo. POR 2014/2020. Linee guida in materia di ammissibilità della spesa).

PhD students should get in touch with the DIA Servizio Ricerca istituzionale e Dottorati ( before planning trips or expenses.



PhDs supported by EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie funds

PhD students funded by research projects directly funded by the EU are usually hired as fixed-term researchers through an ad hoc contract, following the parameters of the EU, which might involve specific regulations on trips and specific research funds.


PhD students hired by businesses or third parts (regulated by contratto di Alta Formazione)

PhD students follow the regulations of their hiring business/third part. Trips funded by DIA must comply with DIA PhD regulations.


Development of the archivio della ricerca (ArTS)

PhD students are invited to support the development of the archivio della ricerca (ArTS), regularly uploading data concerning their scientific production. To do so, students have to open their page at using their University username and password. Students can upload their personal profile and academic works. Each academic work can only be uploaded once, therefore students ought to inform their supervisor before doing so.


Use of DIA image

PhD students can ask for business cards sending an email to the Head of the Department ( stating name, surname, phone number (mobile phone number and/or University phone number) and University email address.



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