Big Data Engineering and Analytics Lab (iDEA Lab)


Università degli Studi di Trieste

Edificio C3 - piano 2

Via Valerio, 7/a

34127 - Trieste


Alfredo Cuzzocrea


Sito web


The Big Data Engineering and Analytics Lab (iDEA Lab) of the University of Trieste, headed by Prof. Alfredo Cuzzocrea, conducts research and project activities on the wide range of big data research, including the following ones: big data management; data mining over big data; data warehousing and OLAP over big data; knowledge discovery over big data; machine learning over big data; big data analytics models and algorithms; big data analytics infrastructures and frameworks; big data security; big data privacy; big data architectures and systems.

iDEA Lab conducts and has conducted a wide number of research projects, at both national and international level.

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