Knowledge transfer - Territorio e trasferimento tecnologico

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Territorio e trasferimento tecnologico

(sulla home page dovrebbe esserci un link a questa lista; preferirei chiamare in questo modo il link che normalmente si chiama “link utili”) ILO - Industrial Liaison Office of the University of Trieste
ILO’s mission is to assist the Technology Transfer process from the University to the entrepreneurial world, by helping manage the relationships between the University and companies, through support for the intellectual property protection, and through the creation of spin-offs Area Science Park
Area is the first and largest Italian science and technology park, offering a broad range of services to technology-based enterprises and to researchers. It is home to national and international research centers, to research and development laboratories of leading companies, and to small and medium-sized enterprises operating in R&D and the advanced service sector Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia
The regional government supports, through specific actions, the collaboration between academic institutions and industry
 HiCo - High Tech Integrated Cooperation
is a web platform that integrates the opportunities offered by Area Science Park, Sviluppo Italia FVG, and EZIT for high-tech development and technology transfer in our territory Impact Hub Trieste
Impact Hub Trieste is the local node of an international network of people as well as of office and meeting spaces. It is a “first mile” accelerator, designed to support innovators and entrepreneurs in the startup processes
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