International Mobility

Tips for Incoming students

Congratulations! You are about to start what is sure to become one of the most exciting and formative experiences of your life. We are very pleased that you have chosen to include study abroad as part of your experience.

To assist you in the preparations, we have here compiled information for our incoming students. We ask you to carefully read the information we provide. Of course you are always welcome to contact us whenever there are inquiries or problems.


 There are some student’s dorm as well as many private apartments in Trieste; in this link (please note that is in Italian only) you can find many info provided directly by the Università degli studi di Trieste.



Right before the starting of the lessons, there will be the “Technical Meeting”, hold by the International Mobility Office, where everything concerning the University (like how to register to the exams) will be explained; you will get the communication via mail, so please check it daily! You will find the PowerPoint file of the previous presentation here.


There are also two campus, part of the Università degli studi di Tries, tethat are not placed in Trieste but offer lectures in the Architecture and Engineering fields: Gorizia is 45 km (about 40 minutes by train) far from Trieste and Pordenone is 110km  (1hour 45’ by train). Please check carefully where the lectures take place when you are choosing the courses for your Learning Agreement.


Here you can find some weblinks to the most useful info about the Department of Engineering and Architecture:

Academic Calendar

List of all study programs

List of all courses


The University also organizes language courses with the CLA and sport courses and/or events with the CUS


The Italian University system uses grades on a scale from 1 to 30, with a minimum of 18 out of 30 to pass an exam. In this file you can find the grades distributions at our Department, sorted by course of study.

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