Student teams and extracurricular projects

The teams were born thanks to the efforts of some of the Department’s students and are open to everyone enrolled at the University of Trieste. Supervised by one or more faculty members, they embark on the design and realisation of high-tech engineering products, applying and further investigating what they have learnt in class. The resulting products participate in class events and matches, facing off against projects by students from other Italian and international universities.

Nowadays, we have two student teams: Audace Sailing Team and Units Racing Team.



Born in 2019, Audace Sailing Team's goal is to design and produce sustainable racing sailboats in order to take part in the international university regattas 1001VelaCup and SuMoth Challenge.

Inspired by the world’s finest professional sports teams, the students undertake every step of the process. They cover it all, from design through construction all the way to the regatta, seeking sustainable solutions without compromising on performance.


Academic advisor: Prof. Rodolfo Taccani

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UniTS Racing Team aims to build an electric single-seater to participate in some Formula SAE events.

This international university competition calls for the participation of vehicles designed and built entirely by students.

The experience offers participants the opportunity to develop both engineering and soft skills while putting their abilities to the test in a dynamic and challenging environment.


Academic advisor: Prof. Alberto Tessarolo

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